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July 6, 2016

Panther update: from feeble to fierce

Joseph Sears School logo

A project I completed recently was an update to The Joseph Sears School’s visual identity. Joseph Sears, located in Kenilworth, IL, has a long heritage of excellence but lacked a school logo for everyday use. The school seal, adopted in the 1920s, had been utilized for all school communications despite its formality and fine detail that made it difficult to reproduce and discern at small sizes. Electronic versions of the seal had become distorted and grainy.

We created a new school logo for common use that employs a traditional crest, Joseph Sears blue, and Kenilworth’s signature elm leaves. It conveys the prestige for which the school is known, yet it’s quicker to recognize at a glance and more distinctive than a seal—most round seals look pretty similar.

School seal before after

We cleaned up the antique seal and updated the typography to match the logo for a tighter identity. One-color and full-color versions are now available to the school for use exclusively on formal documents.

Mascot design before after

The school’s panther mascot was updated from a delicate line drawing to a more robust sports logo.

Panther mascot shirt

The new panther’s fierce, glowering stare inspires more confidence than the older thin sketch and completes a cohesive identity.

Check out more components of this branding project.

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May 13, 2013

A new look for Day Street Designs

Day Street Website After

Day Street Designs is a Chicago business that provides custom-sewn fabric furnishings to interior designers and homeowners. Day Street hired me to update their seven-year-old branding with a new logo, business cards, signs, and web splash page. The objective was to create a more polished look with a logo that’s friendly, a bit quirky, and references mid-century illustration. See the other pieces here in my portfolio.

Day Street Website Before

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June 5, 2012

A sheep gets a makeover

Etsy shop header before image

Most of my projects are larger ones, but a fun little job came along recently. Sew Fine Fabric, a retailer that sells fabrics by the yard on, needed a shop banner makeover. The existing cartoon-like sheep illustration didn’t match the style of the well-curated, contemporary fabrics sold in the shop. After exploring a few options, the client chose to stick with a sheep since it’s familiar to their customers, but we re-drew it in a simple, graphic way for an updated look.

Website banner and ad design

Web banner ads with snippets of the shop’s products coordinate with the new header and send traffic from various craft and sewing blogs.

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March 16, 2012

A brochure before and after

Brochure design before and after

Thrive Skin Institute, a Chicago school that provides skin care technicians with advanced training, needed updates to their existing brochure. As well as updating the course information, we gave the piece a facelift by making it larger, using a more contemporary typeface throughout, and adding brighter colors that coordinate with the Institute’s website. Clinical photos featuring technicians, rather than dermatology patients, better reflect the intended audience of prospective students.

An eight-foot trade show display was created for use at industry events.

Tradeshow display design

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