Fiaba Creative & Fiaba Productions

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Marketing firm Fiaba Creative and video production company Fiaba Productions are sister companies headed by the same founder. “Fiaba” is the Italian word for fairytale; appropriate since both companies help brands creatively tell their stories. The businesses required logos that look related yet different, and both needed to share the same business card.


The client’s German heritage and interest in medieval history served as the inspiration for some of the early concepts. Blackletter typography is historically appropriate, and colored accents suggest a bit of creative magic while modernizing the type. Using distinctive initials to brand the companies was another option. A third concept was a seal, using a pattern from a clapboard on Productions, and stars on Creative. A fourth concept played up the clapboard idea paired with a fairytale pegasus for Fiaba Creative.


The clapboard / pegasus set was selected, and the clapboard stripes became a useful design element applied to the companies’ letterpressed business cards and website. View the finished pieces in the portfolio section.